Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love at First Sight

Welcome and what's it all about.

The plan for this blog is to share photography and stories about our time spent here on the Gulf Coast.  In 2000 our family invited us to vacation with them in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We immediately loved the area - the beautiful gulf, white sandy beaches, interesting tourist attractions, great food, and friendly people. We stayed at the Gulf Shores Plantation the first few times we came south. 

We stayed two weeks in 2000. The first week we ran like crazy to tourist spots, historical attractions, and the beach. The men went fishing every morning, surf fishing at Perdido Pass or Alabama Point.  My husband even caught a shark in the surf. The second week was more laid back with beach time, more fishing, and hanging in the pool. Wanting to hang onto this paradise, I shopped every souvenir store twice and brought home a whole suitcase for of goodies.  

Gulf Shores Plantation is a wonderful resort with several pools including an indoor one. Lots of amenities. There are several different condo buildings and a row of pretty houses. It is out on Fort Morgan road between the Beach Club resort and Kiva Dunes. Kiva Dunes has a nice golf course.  The Beach Club has a wonderful restaurant where we've celebrated a few special occasions since.

On the back side of this part of the island is Mobile Bay. Everywhere you look there is a beautiful view.  At the end of the road there is Fort Morgan. I'll share some photos from that historic place later. That is also where the ferry is and a nice big dock is. It is also a great place to get sundown photos. 

I had a digital camera back then but not a lot of experience with it. Here are some shots from those first few years. Some are taken with an Olympus and some with a Fuji. They aren't the greatest but I thought I'd start with them.  We have since moved here permanently and moved onto Nikon DSLRs.
These first four were shot at Gulf Shores Plantation. Lots of boardwalks so the dunes are not disturbed.
sand dunes

Dunes & Shrimp Boat
flag at end of boardwalk

This one is of the house the whole family stayed in a few times at Gulf Shores Plantation. It was called Southern Exposure.

Beach House

A small island in Perdido Pass in Orange Beach.  

Lots of boating in the area.


This last one is from a day trip that we took to Pensacola Beach, Florida.

Coastal Pix

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Friday, January 27, 2012

We're Here

Welcome to Coastal Pix. We've been down here for a while but decided we needed a place to share what we've seen and done.